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The Grand Duke's Tour

6 Jul 22, 1910 1.449 views

Parody of slum tours the posh Parisian circles. A troupe of actors serving the entertainment needs with genuine Apaches'.

The Grand Knockout Tournament

6 Jun 19, 1987 1.488 views

The Grand Knockout Tournament (colloquially also known as It's a Royal Knockout) was a one-off charity event which was shown on British television on 19 June 1987. It followed the format of It's a Knockout (the British version of Jeux Sans Frontieres), a slapstick TV gameshow which was broadcast in the UK until 1982. The event was staged on the lakeside lawn of the Alton Towers stately home-cum-theme park. However, the event used its own specially created immersing set, meaning that the location was not very recognisable in the TV broadcast.

The Grand Dukes

6.3 Feb 21, 1996 3.092 views

Three aging and failed comedians, Georges Cox, Victor Vialat and Eddie Carpentier, hit the road again with a lousy production of a lousy play, of course under the worst possible conditions.

On Tour Exploring the Extraordinary Isla Grande De Chiloe

0 Apr 27, 2015 0.675 views

The Isla Grande De Chiloé is located off the west coast of southern Chile in the Pacific Ocean. It features amazing timber-built churches, an undulating landscape and villages supported by posts. Today the people of Chiloé live from agriculture and fishing and tourism is also becoming increasingly important.